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Film Laminations

ESI provides all types of optical films and laminations which are used in various displays to enhance viewing characteristics and to protect the display itself. Filters include anti-reflection and anti-glare films, heat (IR) rejecting films, conductive coatings to minimize atmospheric disturbance, anti-fog films, and many enhancements for LCD displays and touch screens.

ESI has 20 years of experience in the lamination of optical films. ESI offers both small volume and high volume roll lamination of films to various rigid substrates. ESI also offers roll to roll film lamination and optical film lamination to LCD displays and touch panels.

ESI’s facility is equipped with five clean rooms and a full array of custom designed lamination equipment to fit all display needs.

Anti-Reflective & Anti-Glare Films

ESI provides several options for reducing reflections and glare on displays. Anti-reflection and anti-glare films reduce surface reflection and glare on any display surface.

Options include:

EMI/RFI Shielding Films

Conductive coatings protect displays from atmospheric disturbance or interference. ITO coatings shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference so display quality is never compromised.

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IR/Heat Rejecting Filters

Heat rejecting filters are ideal for outdoor displays that are susceptible to sunlight.

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Anti-Fog Films

Anti-fog treated PET film prevents fogging and condensation under all temperature and humidity conditions. ESI offers anti-fog film laminated to glass, plastic, and touch screens.

Display applications for anti-fog film:

  • Industrial Displays
  • Military Displays
  • Mobile Computing
  • Instrument Panels
  • Digital Signage / Outdoor Displays
  • Touch Panels

LCD Enhancements

ESI provides many filters for improving visual performance and ensuring display protection.

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Circular & Linear Polarizing Film

Polarizers are used to improve the viewability of displays. In high bright light environments and outdoor environments polarizers significantly reduce front surface reflections. ESI offers circular and linear polarizers laminated to glass, plastic, touch screens and LCD’s. ESI also offers polarizer replacement for LCD panels.

Display applications for polarizers:

  • Industrial Displays
  • Military Displays
  • Mobile Computing
  • Instrument Panels
  • Digital Signage / Outdoor Displays
  • Touch Panels

3D Lens Lamination

ESI offers optical grade lenticular film lamination on glass or plastic for use with 3D video systems.

ESI can customize lenticular laminations to any desired angle utilized on various 3D viewing platforms.