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Vandal Glass

ESI’s glass to glass filters are bonded using a highly durable optically clear adhesive that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. ESI offers a large variety of optically coated glass, and the manufacturing capability to laminate glass to glass in sizes up to 45” x 77”.  ESI’s high quality optical coatings and optically clear adhesive offer ultra-durable vandal resistant filters with exceptional optical quality and UV protection.

ESI’s vandal glass is being used for protection on thousands of displays worldwide including ATM machines, fast food order confirmation systems, and digital signage applications.

ESI’s vandal glass is engineered and designed to protect flat panel displays from impact and vandalism. This vandal resistant glass is perfect for outdoor signage protection and also offers UV protection.

  • Laminate substrates up to 45” X 77″
  • Protects LCD from vandalism and outdoor environments
  • Improves readability of outdoor displays

ESI’S vandal glass meets IPK standards.

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